RIVER GAUGING STATIONS INFORMATION (24hr Average):   0000KOB005 Driekoppies Weir 2.545 m3/s   | 0000KOB003 Enjakeni Weir 10.912 m3/s   | 0000X1H001 Hooggenoeg Weir 14.614 m3/s   | 0000KOB004 Lebombo Weir m3/s   | 0000KOB007 Mananga Weir 11.706 m3/s   | 0000KOB008 Matsamo Weir 0.933 m3/s   | 0000KOB012 Mzimnene Weir 0.326 m3/s   | 0000KOB001 Sandbult Weir m3/s   | 0000KOB002 Tonga Weir 6.170 m3/s   | 0000KOB011 Mhlume Weir 13.857 m3/s   |

Hambros Loan

The Loan consists of registered bonds with a face value of R/E 1 million each. The bond's coupon rate is 13.5% with an effective interest rate of 14.87% per annum. The notes were issued at a discount at 90.91946%. The coupon is payable biannually in arrears.

The balance of the unpaid interest is accumulated with the capital and is payable on the maturity date on 31 October 2027 to the amount of R/E 375 million. The loan is explicitly guaranteed 100% by the South African Government. The Kingdom of Eswatini guarantees 40% of the loan to the Government of South Africa.

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