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Corporate Services Department


The Corporate Services Department’s strategic objective is laid down in the present strategy states as follows:

“Ensuring Sound and Effective Human Resources, Financial and Administrative Management of KOBWA to meet Internationally Accepted/Recognized Corporate

Governance Requirements” Within the Corporate Support Department there is:

  • Human Resources Information
  • Technology & information Management
  • Support Services
  • Community Development

Human Resources

The Human Resources Unit is responsible for the development of human resources strategies that enhances harmonious employee relations, performance improvement, and HR best practices, whilst ensuring that required skills and competencies are available and well managed through a planned people development strategy. At the core of HR there is the performance management.

1.1 Performance Management

KOBWA performance management systems seek to provide guidance in terms of KOBWAs performance management cycle of planning, monitoring, measuring, viewing, auditing performance and quality control.

1.2 Strategic Planning

Every five years, KOBWA facilitates a strategic plan review to ensure a realisation of the key focus areas and actions. After every 2 years, a review is done with an additional (2) two-year forecast added to the strategic plan. After the 5-year period, KOBWA conducts a full review and development of strategic objectives, strategy focus areas, measures of success and action.

1.3 Personnel & Development

KOBWA is committed to providing a training and development framework which motivates its employees to reach their full potential, and in doing so improving the performance of the individual. The training and development of all employees is vital for the successful operation, management, and the achievement of the overall objective of KOBWA. To raise the general level of competencies through the necessary development of skills, knowledge, and attitudes of personnel so that they can perform their duties effectively and safely thus directly contributing to the cost effectiveness and profitability of KOBWA. Through the Performance Management System KOBWA is able to develop a systematic training & development plan for all staff members, so that the objectives of the Organisation are attained.

1.4 Industrial Relations

KOBWA currently recognises National Public Service and Allied Workers Union (NAPSAWU) who represents all the Union sable employees in the Maguga office. While staff in the Driekoppies office is represented by the National Education Health and Allied Workers Union (NEHAWU).

1.5 Team Building

As part of efforts to bolster relationships and improve performance, Komati Basin Water Authority (KOBWA) has a relationship building program / initiative which was formed in April of 2013.

KOBWA's Vision is “to be recognised as a leading entity; in sustainable integrated trans-boundary water resource development and management”

KOBWA's Mission: We will achieve the vision through ensuring efficient water harvesting and bulk distribution, management of the environment, ensuring quality water, regulation compliance, socio-economic development, engagements with key stakeholders, optimising our resources and empowering our employees.

In order to fulfil its mandate, good relationships amongst all team members, i.e. Managers and Employees need to be open, transparent and reflect high levels of respect whilst delivering high performance culture. A Relationship Building Continuity Team (RBCT) was appointed to ensure the organization balances its spirit, processes and its outputs to ensure optimum contribution and performance in the implementation of the KOBWA culture change. The RBCT is also to there to ensure the continuity and sustainability of the benefits derived from the relationship building session. The objective of the Relationship Building Continuity Team is to:

  • Drive the implementation of the actions, suggestions and ideas from and after the relationship building session.
  • Monitor implementation progress through action plans, employee interaction and meetings.
  • Identify links, synergies, and implementation priorities with respect to the relationship building outcomes.
  • Promote harmonization between departments through interdepartmental meetings and regular interactions.
  • Facilitate communication, flow of information and liaison between management and employees.
  • Act as change agents.
  • Ensure benchmarks conducted during the relationship building session or other dipsticks are conducted regularly to check for progress.
  • Ensure a link of any initiatives and intervention to fostering better relationships, improvement in culture change and performance within KOBWA.
  • Integration and daily living of company values Since the formation various activities have been facilitated by the team (reference to the pics capturing all the RBCT activities).