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    Maguga dam


    Driekoppies Dam

    South Africa

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    • Our Vision

      To be recognised as a leading entity; in sustainable integrated trans-boundary water resource development and management.

    • Our Mission

      To achieve the vision through ensuring efficient water harvesting and bulk distribution, management of the environment, ensuring quality water, regulation compliance, socio-economic development, engagements with key stakeholders, optimising our resources and empowering our employees.

    • Governance requirements

      Structuring and positioning KOBWA for a new mandate that would include planning and implementation of additional water resource development and management projects in the Party States

    • KOBWA's Strategic Objectives

      Managing the water harvested by the dams in an effective and efficient manner:

      Phasing out resettlement function and making transition to new in "Risk Managment, Quality and Socio-Economic

      Effectively liaising with all stakeholders to promote strong relationships, collaboration and coperation;

      Ensuring sound and effective human resources, financial and administrative management of KOBWA to meet internationally accepted/recognised corporate

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    The Komati Basin Water Authority (KOBWA) is offering sponsorship opportunities for tertiary registration fees to deserving students who intend to enrol in selected fields of study.

    On behalf of the KOBWA Board of Directors this serves to inform you that KOBWA
    has progressively taken concomitant measures to comply with the respective
    pronouncements by both Member

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    Human Resources

    The Human Resources Unit is responsible for the development of human resources strategies that enhances harmonious employee relations, performance improvement

    Operation and Maintenance

    KOBWA is now focusing on the operation and maintenance of the dams and related infrastructure. There are four (4) Departments that sustain the operations at KOBWA

    Team Building

    The aim is to create an objective environment to determine what is good and bad in the working relationship, and how it can be improved.

    Dam Levels

    Maguga Dam

    Date: 12/08/2022
    Volume: 333.5m3
    Percentage: 99.9%


    Driekoppies Dam

    Date: 12/08/2022
    Volume: 251.6Mm3
    Percentage: 100.2%


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