RIVER GAUGING STATIONS INFORMATION (24hr Average):   0000KOB005 Driekoppies Weir 3.041 m3/s   | 0000KOB003 Enjakeni Weir 9.812 m3/s   |

Home Replacements

  • A total of 6 356m2 of floor area was replaced at the Dam (free choice) and Host Area. over 200 housing structures were replaced each at a rate of E/R1,480 per m2.
  • The success of Ekuvinjelweni Resettlement Committee (ERC) in controlling homeowners to build their replacement homesteads let to the model being adopted for the Host Area. Over 100 housing structures in 65 homesteads were constructed at the Host Area.
  • Ekuvinjelweni Resettlement Committee (ERC) and the affected people gained confidence in their ability to carry out various tasks. They demanded more work, which was earmarked for private contractors. At present, they can plant sugar cane themselves. They also took over the fencing contract, where they put in place their own sub-contractor. They also build the community church and completed the interior of the Agricultural Shed.
  • The Project provided training skills and technical support to the affected homesteads for the first three years of farming their agricultural fields. This enabled them to gain skills to farm fields in a sustainable manner. The success of the Maguga Dam Resettlement program is owed to the dedication of the Ekuvinjelweni people led by the Ekuvinjelweni Resettlement Committee (ERC) and should serve as a model for development in the country and elsewhere.
  • The Project managed to save costs through the assistance of the Ekuvinjelweni Resettlement Committee (ERC) and willing partners. It is hoped that this spirit will prevail through to the difficult part of social development