RIVER GAUGING STATIONS INFORMATION (24hr Average):   0000KOB005 Driekoppies Weir 2.545 m3/s   | 0000KOB003 Enjakeni Weir 10.851 m3/s   | 0000X1H001 Hooggenoeg Weir 14.614 m3/s   | 0000KOB004 Lebombo Weir m3/s   | 0000KOB007 Mananga Weir 11.649 m3/s   | 0000KOB008 Matsamo Weir 0.929 m3/s   | 0000KOB012 Mzimnene Weir 0.317 m3/s   | 0000KOB001 Sandbult Weir m3/s   | 0000KOB002 Tonga Weir 6.247 m3/s   | 0000KOB011 Mhlume Weir 13.857 m3/s   |


The Water Management Department ensures the efficient supply of water to the Parties by: developing and implementing the ISOTOG operating procedures, developing and implementing water accounting procedures and developing and implementing a maintenance programme for the water infrastructure. The Water Management Department also provides information and guidance to the Parties on efficient water use (based on reliable and accurate information). Parties are also given guidance to the Parties on actions required to minimise the negative impacts to the aquatic environment (IFR - Water Quality/Bio Monitoring). Stakeholders are also engaged and efficient communication procedures are put in place.